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How do I convert a .dmg file to .iso for burning on a PC ?

If you are on mac, you can use the hdutil command line util.

for example

hdiutil convert filename.dmg -format UDTO -o filename.iso Where filename.dmg is the path to your original file, and filename.iso is the path to the destination.

Now this is ok but most likely if you are trying to convert a dmg into an iso you want to do it all on Windows or Linux.

Two good solutions for this,which both work on windows and linux.

if you are into command line you can use dmg2iso, or if like us you just want something to click on , we recommend dmgextractor ,which is really amazing despite being written in Java.

To install dmgx we had to make sure 'java' was in our path, and started it from the command line with the -gui option. (which could be also added through a shortcut argument)


A quick note, MacOSX installation dvds (Leopard/Snow Leopard for example) are known to have issues when converting to iso. It worked for us to install our virtualbox image (working on last virtualbox beta) but some users reported problems with booting an iso.

Please let us know how it goes on the talk page.